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John Marion

The Agent on Duty reveals inside information about the real estate industry including finding the best agent, learning negotiating strategies, untangling complex transactions, and avoiding pitfalls so that you can successfully complete the sale and purchase of any property. Discover the world of real estate behind the scenes and be ready to see the housing market from a totally new perspective so that you can confidently engage in any real estate deal as a buyer, seller, or agent. John Marion is the Agent On Duty. Since 2000 he has been involved in real estate and progressed through the industry as a landlord, investor, licensed agent and associate broker. Known as “The Agent Who Buys Houses," John is business partners with Sandra Watkins who was his agent when he moved with his family to the Atlanta market in 2010. John and Sandra lead and train a team of agents with their company, Innovative Properties Group in Canton, GA.
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